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Canadian Bulgarian Business Alliance(CBBA)
The Canadian Bulgarian Business Alliance (CBBA) is a business network of small, medium-sized companies and self-employed individuals with prior interest Canadian- based businesses, interested in Bulgaria and Bulgarian-based businesses, interested in Canada. The Alliance is a non-for-profit and non-governmental business entity aiming to accelerate the economic relations between Canadian and Bulgarian commercial enterprises and state institutions.
The CBBA community units members from diverse business mainstreams such as: law and consulting firms, marketing and advertising companies, construction companies and real-estate developers, distributors, IT/High-tech companies and many self-employed from different services. Our active and devoted members are the key issue to the successful lobbying and networking policy of the Alliance.
CBBA maintains close relations to the Canadian and Bulgarian authorities and serves an intermediary between member companies and decision-makers at the state level. CBBA is an open-projected entity which primary intention
is to provide a networking support for its members. As an open-designed non-for-profit business society CBBA offers to both: Canadian and Bulgarian-based small, medium-sized companies and self-employed individuals to join our business network.

Through meetings and publications we alert our members of the implications of upcoming laws , advise them on economic matters and inform them on commercial events and business opportunities: for the Canadian companies to explore the developing free market economy in Bulgaria and for the Bulgarian firms to explore the Canadian market as a part of the North Amercan Free Trade Zone /NAFTA/.As an open-designed non-for-profit network socciety CBBA's primary goal is to support the creation of successful Canadian-Bulgarian business network.